Flirtual is a dating app that allows users to meet potential partners in a virtual environment. Its users are mostly in their 30s and are from the United States. Flirtual matches users based on personality traits and compatibility. The app allows users to share their VRChat or Discord account with other Flirtual members. There are free membership levels, but if you want to use the messaging functions of the app, you can pay to upgrade.

To sign up for Flirtual, users need to create a profile and upload a photo of their avatar. Then they have to answer typical questions about their interests and their sexual orientation. They also have to answer questions about the type of VR equipment they own and which social VR apps they use most.

Virtual reality dating applications are still in their infancy, but Flirtual is a new app aimed at making this type of dating more realistic. This application is an example of the next evolution of the internet. It matches people in the virtual world through avatars. This helps make the dating experience more authentic.

The app is similar to Bumble and Tinder, except that you meet people in the virtual world, not the real world. Users can create profiles to meet people who share common interests. They can even chat with each other through Discord and VRChat. Flirtual users can chat with friends and loved ones from the virtual world.


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