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5 Reasons Why Smart Is The New Sexy


Being smart is a statement. Sexy Women want a guy who can fix their computer or crack whip-smart jokes. Men who are smart can also show off their knowledge of pop culture. They also make reading look sexy. Women crave a man’s intense look while he’s lost in a book.

Being smart is a statement of feminism

A woman’s intelligence is a statement of her feminism, according to bell hooks, a feminist theorist and cultural critic. She says that sexism and the exploitation of women is a big problem in modern society. As a result, sexism and gender inequality are being combated on many levels in our societies.

Feminism has its roots in the nineteenth century, when the Seneca Falls Convention made women more equal. The movement was led by educated, middle-class white women. It had an ambivalent relationship with other women, though the campaign against employment discrimination helped to bridge this gap. The relationship between feminism and African American women, however, was always a tougher challenge. White feminists saw gender as the major cause of discrimination in the workplace, while black feminists faced a more complicated challenge of confronting racism.



Being smart is accepting that you may be wrong

Generally, smart people tend to make silly mistakes. They are overconfident in their reasoning and do not realize that they may be wrong. Even students from prestigious universities sometimes make stupid mistakes. In other words, smart people are not infallible and must always be on guard. However, the best way to avoid these mistakes is to accept that you may be wrong, and learn from your mistakes.

While intelligent people enjoy being right, they tend to confuse their intellect and ego. They are also often prone to defend their ideas to the death. In fact, smart leaders fear being proved wrong more than they fear being proven right. While it’s not impossible to win arguments, it can cost you a lot of character.

Many people see being smart as a good thing, but bragging about your intelligence can come off as self-aggrandizing. People who are able to boast of their IQs are viewed as outliers, and may have a hard time fitting in to society. Others view this as a sign of stupidity.

Smart people often have diverse ideas. They may be from different cultures or have different philosophies. They also have different types of facial hair, and like to wear clothes that show their individuality. These types of people also have a greater likelihood of receiving ideas from others. When people are smart, they try to avoid being homogeneous.


Being smart is able to win over someone’s mind before his or her heart

Being smart means being open-minded and accepting of others’ ideas. It also means recognizing that you don’t know everything and not judging people by their appearance or what they think. It means learning as much as you can about people and the world. In short, being smart is sexy.

Smart people have a clearer understanding of the world. They aren’t affected by existential angst or worry about other people’s folly. Despite being able to understand the world more, they often fail to realize that they need help to improve themselves.

Being smart is humor

The ability to laugh at ourselves and other people’s foibles is an important component of intelligence. Several studies have found a connection between intelligence and humor. Interestingly, humor can be related to creativity as well. Those with high intelligence have a greater capacity for humor than those with low intelligence.

Humor is one of the many ways that children get attention and acceptance from their peers. It also functions as a defense mechanism to divert attention away from negative situations. While it is not clear whether humor is related to intelligence, researchers have found that children who get jokes and enjoy humor tend to be smarter.

A study conducted at the University of New Mexico, which included 400 university students, found that being smart and humorous were positively related. Humor appreciation also seemed to increase a person’s chances of attracting sexual partners. These findings support the hypothesis that humor is a trait that evolved as an intelligence-indicator during sexual selection.



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